First glimpse of new iPhone 5 security feature?

30 April 2012

Looks as though the new JesusPhone will be tougher than ever before to nick and pass off as your own, unless you're armed with the passcode. Emission of noxious gases for iPhone 6...?


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  • I-rate
    I've never met an i-phone user who can spell 1-2-3-4 in three attempts or less.
  • Zoe P.
    Haaaaahaaaaahaaahhaaahhaaaa. Apple users, they make me laugh, want to buy a shiny brick for £600? Haahhahhahaaahhaaaa.
  • Mike H.
    Yeah... probably not. That's just a F.A.K.E & G.A.Y video made by some iphone owning cunt.
  • The C.
    Can't wait for my iPhone 5. I've got a 4S but I'll just put that in the drawer. It don't bother me mate, you're fucking paying for it anyway!
  • Mary H.
    Well done Andy! You got blagged by some dick head with too much time on their hands!
  • Andy D.
    Durrr. I would never of thunk it.
  • Pedo P.
    Everyoneone knows Jesus was a cunt. So it's a CuntPhone.
  • Jesus
    You are now in my bad books Pete. I was going to forgive you all that child molestation (like I have forgiven all the priests and bishops) but I do not like the rude name-calling so you'll be off to Hell.
  • world z.
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