Facebook tracking your location

Facebook tracking your location

Privacy issues with Facebook are nothing new, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be talking about them.

A report says that Facebook has been tracking people's real life location, so they can use the information as a way of finding out who you might have met up with.

This helps the 'People You May Know' feature, and it does this by going through your personal data, including your geographical location.

Facebook has been testing a thing out, which tracks users and matches them up with others who are in the same area. A lot of people think this is a pretty creepy way of doing things, and according to the social network, they've stopped doing this.

"We're not using location data, such as device location and location information you add to your profile, to suggest people you may know," a spokesperson said. “We may show you people based on mutual friends, work and education information, networks you are part of, contacts you've imported and other factors."

Of course, you can turn off location options on your phone to stop this from being a problem, and to make sure, you can go into your settings on the Facebook app on iOS and Android, and turn off the app's access to your location.

If you cut the location ties completely, you won't be able to use tools like the one where you can find locations nearby, to show where you're posting from, but to be perfectly honest, there's no good reason why you should be geotagging where you're at anyway.

An update that says "I'm having a lovely time in the pub" is enough - you don't really need to give strangers on the internet your exact location do you? And if they want to join you at the pub, they can message you.

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