Face Finder is Shazam, but for faces

Shazam for faces

Over in Russia, we could be getting a glimpse of the future of technology. FindFace has launched, which is a facial recognition app, and that allows you to find anyone's social media profiles by using only a picture of their face.

The service only launched a couple of months ago, but it already has half a million users.

You put a picture of someone's face into the app, and then, it trawls millions of profile pictures on VK (that's the Russian equivalent of Facebook, if you're interested), and finds the person you're looking for.

FindFace creators say that it works 70% of the time, and when it doesn't quite nail it, it significantly narrows down your search results, so you can find the person you're looking for.

Could be useful if you lost touch with someone you really hit it off with in a club. Could be useful if you're a weird stalker who wants to know the name of the person they're peeping on.

Provided you have a photograph of them, that is.

Alexander Kabakov, FindFace's 29-year-old co-founder, says: "If you see someone you like, you can photograph them, find their identity, and then send them a friend request."

Maybe if you have the hots for a particular celebrity, you can try matching them, and see who you get in the results, who looks most like them. Maybe?

Could this be a thing that takes off outside of Russia? Well, the EU is very much against this kind of technology, unless a government is employing it of course.

That said, Facebook will be keeping an eye on this, and if there's a way they can utilise it, you suspect they'll be the first to do so.

Eerily, FindFace's creators are working with Moscow's police, so they can merge the technology, so that CCTV can catch people who are wanted by the authorities.

Brrr. Anyway, the future - it is already here.

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