European Court of Justice rejects data retention appeal

Ireland's appeal objections to the Data Retention Directive have been rejected by the European Court of Justice. The Data Retention Directive mandated that all EU states must pass laws forcing telecoms companies to keep phone and internet usage records for six to 24 months. Ireland's appeal was not against the directive itself but rather that it is not within the EU's remit to pass Directives in the area of crime and security.

Civil rights groups have been fighting this Directive on its substance but there is no word whether these appeals have gained any traction. Considering the response to Ireland's appeal it is doubtful they will find a sympathetic ear.

Ireland has implemented stricter laws than those required by the Directive, ordering telecoms companies to keep data for three years.

In the UK parts of the Data Retention Directive have been implemented with the retention of non-internet data coming into force October 1st 2007. The extension to internet data is expected to arrive March 15th, 2009.


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