Domino's to start tracking customers through GPS

Domino's to track customers

Pizza vendors Domino's are going to start tracking some of their customers from Monday.

That's right - they're going to watch you, check where you are, all in the name of making sure your pizza is piping hot when you approach their store. This is through their On Time Cooking concept.

Now, it looks like it might be Australia-only at the moment, but they could well roll this out around the globe if they see fit.

Domino's Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij thinks this is a great idea, and will make sure your pizza isn't hanging around while you make your way to collect it.

So how will they go about this?

When you make your order, you'll tell Domino's how you're getting there, and the order will be made once a customers enters the "Cook Zone". That's a virtual zone around the store, and when you enter it, Domino's will pick up your signal via GPS and get a notification to start cooking.

There's also the Zero Click service too, where you can order a pizza by texting Domino's with just a pizza emoji.

"From the moment you open that app, you have 10 seconds to cancel your order, otherwise your favourite or your previous order will be on its way to you," Meij said.

"You better get out [of the app] if you don't want this order -- you better not pocket dial."

So there you have it. You can be supremely lazy and order with a single emoji, which is fine. However, privacy issues will be a concern for some, regarding the GPS tracker.

You'll also be able to get your pizza delivered to the bus stop of your choice soon, too.

Innovation eh? Who knew it would feature so much melted cheese?

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