Do Hermes assume you'll be waiting to catch your parcels?

One of last week’s big ‘virals’ showed an American FedEx delivery type hurling a package over a fence while being caught on CCTV. The video spread across the globe but some said that it was all a bit of a stinky set-up.

However, this one looks more real and is from the United Kingdom itself. It’s a Hermes delivery type hurling a package over a gate while being caught on CCTV. The recipient says: “The door bell outside the gate was working, and someone in the property ready to accept the parcel... needless to say it was damaged beyond usage and has been compensated by the courier company.”

A happy ending? Not really. In our view, the guilty delivery type should be sacked, reinstated, made to eat the package in question and then sacked again. Anything less would be a sham.


  • David
    Depends on your local delivery driver, ours is kinda grumpy but usually rings! Same goes with the PO as well
  • Paul
    I've used MyHermes both for sending and receiving parcels. The problem is that their couriers usually don't have to get a signature on delivery, which encourages this sort of behaviour. As David says above, it all depends on how conscientious your local Hermes guy is. Mine is pretty good, he does at least ring the doorbell, then hides the parcel somewhere if I'm out. Yet bizarrely, when he collects a parcel from me, he insists I sign his machine to say I've given it to him! It should be him who signs to say he's received it! Even he admits its a crazy system, "ass backwards" was the way he described it!
  • Zleet
    I had a delivery from Hermes turn up days late at night with no updates on the tracking site. At least it turned up, I was more annoyed with Debenhams for having no email facility for asking questions and the phone number being an expensive one.
  • Danny
    Hermes on more than one occasion have dumped parcels in our office car park (at the rear of the building) and driven off, made a complaint by email and received a short response advising me to take it up with the sender!
  • Mad H.
    "Hermes on more than one occasion have dumped parcels in our office car park (at the rear of the building) and driven off, made a complaint by email and received a short response advising me to take it up with the sender!" Brilliant! "If the sender's daft enough to use us as their courier, they deserve everything they get. Ask why they don't use someone competent instead"
  • Jane F.
    As a delivery driver for over thirty years the problem is that we are faced with the dilemma of getting the parcel to the customer as soon as possible which is what the customer wants as in many cases they have paid a premium for express delivery, and making what the delivery driver considers to be a safe and secure delivery. Customers will complain as much about parcels NOT been left in what THEY consider to be obvious and secure places for their parcel as they do about items that have been left. The most common request for the re-delivery of an item is to “ leave it in the re-cycle bin “ , all well and good, but what happens if that customer for whatever reason doesn't see the card and puts the bin out for collection ? Or that customer is on holiday and a helpful neighbour puts the bin out ? Or the local criminal, knowing that this is the most common place for parcels to be left , is looking for an early birthday present ?
  • Dick
    You'll probably find that this was a fourth redielivery attempt, and the recipient asked them to chuck it over the gate.
  • OP
    This is actually my video. @Dick - sorry you're wrong, It was a first . there were an intercom bell which the courier chose not to use. The customer waiting in actually was waiting in for the parcel. I had to refund them when they complained it had arrived damaged and sent me the video as proof of "delivery".
  • Ella
    I've had exactly the same issues- just chucked my parcel over my fence, luckily it wasn't breakable.
  • handbags s.
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  • Ben
    It is correct hermes delivery guys are pants to say the least, iv been non stop sat waiting for my parcel and checking the status online but the delivery guy claims he has tried to deliver but nobody has been in, this is an out and out lie he has not tried once
  • Cliff S.
    You are all lucky. I not received my Hermes at all. Absolutely despicable company. Can't get any answers from them either.

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