Data loss mayhem for Three and Virgin Media customers

data The data is disappearing! Could this be the end of the world? Is Kim Jong-un launching some kind of cyberstrike against his sworn enemies? Or are there just some random cock-ups that are happening simultaneously.

Probably the latter.

The ever-popular Three network currently ensnarled by tech-demons, with data services intermittent at best, although there’s lots of reports of NOTHING happening whatsoever. Grim.

Three’s phone calls and texts are still working as well as they ever do, but the boffins are working flat out every second in an attempt to try and get the data supply back up and running again.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s CHAOS going on in Portsmouth and Southampton right now, after a digger at some roadworks in Cosham ploughed through an important data cable, rendering the good people of that part of the world without cable TV and cable broadband.

Vince Cable is believed to be still at large.

Virgin Media said: “A part of our network was damaged by roadworks to the north of Portsmouth this morning affecting customers in parts of the city and the surrounding area. Our engineers have been on site today and will continue to work through the night to repair this damage in order to bring services back as quickly as possible.”

Insiders reckon that’ll be later today for TV services but possibly as late as Thursday for broadband – a nightmare scenario.

So all in all, we’re confident that it ISN’T the end of the world and that Kim Jong-un isn’t coming for us all up our internet pipes. YET.


  • Sicknote
    Data loss - like it's going to matter as both those networks have the highest rate of bill defaulters and CCA failures. How far are you going to get with the personal details of people who have trouble getting credit in the first place. Enough said.
  • chewbacca
    It's a picture of Data off of that Star Wars innit!!! Cos the post is about datas.... Fuck me. This site just gets fucking worse. The flecking borons...

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