Data dealings with Vodafone? Watchdog want to hear from YOU

Vodafone are very much the Bitterwallet turd that won't flush - turn your back for a second, and here they are again. This time, we're asking for your help if you were caught in up the debacle regarding their "unlimited" data tariffs and subsequent capping, following an email from avid Bitterwallet reader Jo whose plight was highlighted in The Times.

Jo eventually managed to cancel her contract after personally emailing the CEO of Vodafone, using the contact details from our recent article on how to contact your least favourite CEO. Jo says she was made to return her Blackberry handset (most contracts state the handset is outside the remit of the contract) but she was free of a 24 month £35 per-month contract that promised unlimited data but did nothing of the sort.

Jo has since received a call from Watchdog who are interested in following up the story, and that's where you, the avid reader, comes in. Watchdog are apparently keen to hear from customers about their experiences. Furthermore, because Vodafone not only closed all discussions about the issue on the forums, but then deleted the threads, Watchdog are interested to hear from you if you have any screenshots of older price plans, conditions or the many contradicting posts by forum moderators over their position on unlimited data promoises and fair usage.

You can contact Watchdog through their website here.


  • Tom P.
    Can't wait for that sex kitten Ann Robinson to cum around and interview me.
  • TH1882FC
    Vodafone also agreed to cancel my 18 month contract which i took out last June. They didnt ask for the handset back, and interestingly the T&Cs state that the handset and contract are seperate so no idea why she was made to return the handset. i wasnt.
  • PokeHerPete
    I called Vodaphone and issued my complaint to the form of a vuvuzela symphony. Immediate cancellation (on the provision that I never called them again).
  • Gadget 4.
    Vodafone did her a favour asking for the Blackberry back - they are rubbish. She should get an iphone instead!
  • Daniel Z.
    I cancelled mine after contacting the CEO... Still got the handset too!
  • Jo
    @Gadget, funny thing, I actually did get an iphone instead! I wasn't too bothered about returning the phone- I'd only paid for 6 months of the contract so wasnt a huge loss. I was just so glad to be free of that damn contract. Never again!
  • Alex
    Hi Jo, Did you email Guy Laurence? Can you please advise what I can tell him? Many thanks, and congratulations! Alex
  • Jo
    Hi Alex, yes I did. I'd been following Bitterwallets updates, and written to the paper but still nobody seemed to be getting anywhere. The Vodafone e-forum was flooded with contradicting statements from representatives and the helplines were useless and sick of hearing about it. Bitterwallet posted some really helpful information on how to contact CEOs so I gave it a try. I emailed, explaining my financial situation and recieved a call back a few days later from a representative from the head office. It's a tough climate for many people at the moment, all I can advise is that you be honest and put foward your situration if you feel you have a legitimate reason to cancel. I'm a full time student, my family is very low income and I didn't think be able to afford university so was delighted to get awarded a bursary scholarship to help pay for my course. However, I had to cut corners on my living expenses. I didn't have a laptop and could not afford internet in my student residence, so opted for an internet phone. The new data cap 9 months later (out of a 24 month contract) put me in a very difficult financial situation. The representative from the head office seemed to understand I had a genuine concern and so let me cancel in return for the phone back. If you feel you have a case, Alex, definately give it a try. I really hope other customers keep fighting too.
  • -]
    The handset is yours, you shouldn't have been made to return it and I'd advise you to contact them telling them so. If they refuse then pursue it in county court ('small claims'). If they are allowed to take phones back unchallenged then they'll start to think they have a right to do so.
  • Mark F.
    I've got an iPhone 3GS with vodafone, like most other iPhone users I use it for absolutely everthying, emails/Internet/tv...the lot. Just got a txt from vodafone saying: "You are reaching the end of your data allowance. You will be charged another £5.00 (Inc VAT) for the next 500MB. We will notify you again before you reach the next charging point. To stop these messages Text STOP to 40506. Keep track of internet charges with Vodafone. Sent JUN 26 @12:27 UK" this contract is gonna cost me alot of money, 500mb a month is just not enough. In an ideal world I'd like to cancel my contract and go with someone else, but I can't see that happening. Anyone know the prices for increasing your data allowance??
  • Ten B.
    [...] Data dealings with Vodafone? Watchdog want to hear from YOU [...]
  • Alex
    After emailing the CEO, I also got a call from the Directors Office, and I explained my situation to them. They assured me that I should be able to cancel when Vodafone decide to charge me. Its the same 10% rule that has been posted over at the eForums. I am happy with the result to be honest. Now I should be able to cancel with no penalties, because the directors office said so! They even texted me their direct number :) Result I think :) Thanks Jo for the advice. Whilst I couldnt cancel straight away, I now have the directors backing when I do want to cancel :)
  • Ali
    I encountered this problem with Vodafone. I was guaranteed unlimited internet access when I took out an 18 month contract. I haven't kept a copy of that contract so don't know if it was stated there but I do have a witness to the verbal explanation of the contract in store by a Vodafone representative. I think I took the contract out over 18 months ago now so I may even be out of contract at present. Regardless, a few months ago I started to receive warning text messages from 40506 stating I had exceeded my 500mb monthly limit. I complained several times by email but could not get a straight answer to why a limit had suddenly been imposed. In fact I couldn't even get an admission that this limit was a new thing (or that I had exceeded it)! It was so confusing that I began to wonder whether the texts were fraudulent and from a scammer rather than Vodafone. Eventually I did, however, get an assurance in writing (by email) that the warning texts didn't mean I would be charged, and now every time one is sent it includes the words at the end, 'you have not been charged'. I think that's too ambiguous to be reassuring though so i'll forward my Vodafone emails to Watchdog.
  • Grace
    I've been getting these texts, but called Vodafone and they told me to ignore them as I do infact have unlimited data. Weird huh? Has anyone else got the same thing?
  • Jen
    Me and my partner have called Vodafone to change the account name in late april/early may 2011, only to discover that it is still in my partners name to this present day(20/10/11). Since discovering that it is still in my partners name, they have been charging me for the contract, starting two months later than when we asked, we asked to start the direct debit from may, myself only charged from july. We have called them numerous times, wasting a lot of money, time and effort on them. On our last encounter with them, a detailed and long winded chat with an online advisor, we were promised a phone call back the next day, over a week later we are still waiting for the call. poor customer service with staff who cannot follow basic instructions. Cannot wait until my contract with them ends, so i can change providers as i refuse to pay the £150 early cancellation fee they requested.
  • paige
    vodafone contract she is 18 pays £50 she hardly uses her phone ,she has bills for hundreds saying £1.00 min shes gone over shes had a bill couple of hundred they said she phoned Australia im worried for my daughter shes paying the bills its been going on for a year.. she its pushing her off the edge,vodafone makes bills up ,making her very ill. how do we stop this contract.? shes out of work this as got to stop. vodafone said shes got to pay £580 to cancel..its a right rip off.. my daughter is badly depressed and this is making her worse.
  • Sinead
    Right now I am fuming with Vodaphone, they have taken money without my permission, I have spoken to them about this last month and they had promised me that this would not happen again, however it has today on the 24 th of August, I've been paying ridiculous amount of money for this phone and now am not able to keep up with payments because they are just adding on extra payments! I am a young single mum and this is stressful and I feel that this is ridiculous ! I wouldn't recommend anyone to join them

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