Darkmarket carding fraud forum shut-down

The mainstream press has been all over the recent closure of the Darkmarket forum closure (i.e. Guardian - Secret website for net fraudsters shut down after worldwide raids). It appears though they are regurgitating old news as Wired Threat Level blog reported on this shut-down way back in September 17 (Notorious Crime Forum DarkMarket Goes Dark) and the real news announced on the Threat Level blog October 13th is that Darkmarket was an FBI sting operation for the past two years.

The online underground world of carding forums is worth a few hours of reading if you have time. The protagonists have names like Master Splynter and Lord Cyric, they trade in consumer data, credit cards, skimming machines and bank details, double-cross each other, try to avoid the FBI and other agencies, all the while spatting and trolling like any inbred online forum. The best place to start is with the Wired Threat Level blog.


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