Commercial Break: It's Jackie Chan the wacky Internet security man!

People used to idolise Jackie Chan. He was comfortably the world’s greatest ass-kicking action hero for years, then it started to go a bit wrong, as he saw fit to do his thing for any two-bit Hollywood movie director who would throw him a large enough cheque.

Now look at him in this ad. Buddying up with Internet security guru Eugene Kaspersky, dressing up like some kind of motorised milky penis and going on a fantastic voyage through ‘Cyberworld.’

If you have any respect left for Jackie Chan, it’s probably best that you don’t watch this, as you’ll come out of it feeling as though most of your human rights have been violated. Plus your Internet security could be jeopardised as you try to punch the living shit out of your computer.


  • Dave S.
    Sorry Andy, computers aren't living, unless you count your iPhone as your girlfriend.
  • GreyScale
    Cringeworthy. But at least he does a bit of kung fu in this. Unlike the Woolworths ads, with the talking puppets - now that was a true career low point :(
  • Nobby
    It's kind of like Tron, with even crappier special effects.
  • Jack
    I think Jackie made Woolies go bust through all his ad royalties! Nah, this ad is a bit crap, but at least it does make it clear what product it is advertising, even if it is a bit silly. Some ads these day, I have no idea what it is advertising, e.g. some of those Ford ones

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