Class action for Yahoo! over email snooping

yahoo_logo Think emails are worthless junk? Think again! A judge in California has ordered Yahoo! to face a nationwide class-action lawsuit, after accusing them of illegally intercepting the content of people's emails that were sent to Yahoo email-havers from non-Yahoo accounts.

What were they doing with this information? You guessed it! It was all to hoover up information to be used to make money with advertising!

US District Judge Lucy Koh has ruled that anyone who sent emails to, or received emails from someone with Yahoo email since 2 October 2011 can sue as a group under the federal Stored Communications Act for alleged privacy violations. That's going to be a terrifying amount of money, if the suit is successful.

Apparently, non-Yahoo Mail accounts were analysed by Yahoo!, who copied and snooped around in correspondence, including attachments and keywords and the class-action wants to see an injunction barring the alleged interceptions, plus damages.

What's the excuses and reasoning from Yahoo! execs? Well, they reckon that, because some of the plaintiffs emailed Yahoo accounts despite concerns over the ways their information was processed, that pretty much amounts to consent. And, as well as that, we should feel sorry for Yahoo! because, it this goes through, the suit could set email services back by a decade.

The judge rejected both arguments. We'll keep up with this and see who is allowed to claim for damages.

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