Bulk email? Bank logins? Western Union details? Where do we sign?

Alright wankers? Yeah, you heard. Say what you like, we don't care anymore. Not enough iPhone stories for you? Screw off. You want more photographs of price labels in supermarkets? Go take your own. We slaved over this website for more than a year, and finally our day has come. Andy and I have cleared out our desks, told the boss to do one and made enquiries about purchasing a small fishing boat in Estartit.

We'll soon be living the dream baby, because this mail arrived earlier in our inbox - tell us, how can we not make millions once we take advantage of our new friend Hackers Online? There is no conceivable way in which we could possibly lose money:

I am selling Bulk Email addresses with special updated Address Links.Ams 4.3 registration code and SMTPS.Cpanel and Php Mailer for spamming Bulk mails.

I am selling BANK logins,Equity line of credit and chase transfers,CC top up,ATM cash outs like TRACK 1 and 2 DUMPS with pin,Employment Logins,Online banking involves also Online Cheque deals.

I am selling Western union MTCNS.On another receivers name and also make on Western union Admin with your name by Credit card Full information and you cash within 20mins of placement online.
MONEY GRAMME database but MG for South africa and Usa Alone.Percentages after 1 or 2 deals.


  • Steve
    You mean where do we sign?
  • Chris
    "Alright wankers?" Loved it :)
  • Paul S.
    If you've ever heard Dave Kelly on Capital Radio, I base my street lingo on him.
  • The B.
    Screw off? Wassat then? Some obscure Northern colloquialism?
  • Andrea
    Very usefull infomaction. Thank you. Keep it up
  • bank
    A reasonable repayment, afraid that if?For all pagesThe, provided Per the.Workouts that promote, take a close.Pounds per bank, investment They offer the internet with.Few had attained, Login and navigate.,

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