BT agency sends Race to Infinity mailing list to everyone

Avid Bitterwallet reader Mark isn't entirely happy with BT or their marketing agency Porter Novelli. We can't figure out why - together, the two companies have put Mark in touch with over 900 new friends! Shame it involved swapping their private email addresses without permission.

Last night, the smart cookies at Porter Novelli sent a welcome email to BT's Race to Infinity mailing list, but cut and paste all the addresses into the cc field - meaning 943 addresses were sent to one another:

Bitterwallet - Race to Infinity mailing list

Mark fired off an email asking exactly what the christing hell the agency were playing at, and received a grovelling response a short time later:

Hi Mark - I’m really sorry.

This was an unintentional human error and please be assured we are doing all we can to rectify things.

Please feel free to call me on the following number if you have any more concerns: 07720 XXX XXX.

And I really hope it doesn’t deter you from becoming a Race to Infinity campaigner.

Porter Novelli attempted to 'rectify things' by recalling the original message - something of a waste of time since that only works for accounts using Microsoft Exchange.

We suspect three events have occurred since 6pm last night when the mailing list was exposed: somebody has being kicked about a room at Porter Novelli until their brain fell out; nobody at the ICO has batted an eyelid; 943 people have heard from the daughter of a wealthy Nigerian diplomat.


  • Matt J.
    I got this too, was really amused by the recall attempt :)
  • PaulH
    I didn't realise you could recall emails!? You learn something new everyday
  • Kaibor
    @PaulH You can recall messages but as the article says only Exchange servers will pay any attention to the recall. Also it has no effect if you have already read the email.
  • PokeHerPete
    WTF IS DIS REAL-ly negligent? Looks like a IT expert over at their offices mistaken CC fo BCC.
  • Alcardi
    Ruh-oh...... It isn't the Nigerian Diplomats you need to watch out for, it's Virgin Media.
  • PaulH
    Gurrrrrrd Afta noon Madam
  • The B.
    PaulH, you can and even on an internal mailing on an Exchange Server it's always too late.
  • Nobby
    It's his own fault for signing up to crap.
  • Tim B.
    I can never resist a "reply to all" when this happens. Far more effective than complaining to the company :-)
  • o'dreary
    it's his own fault for being an ipad user
  • BobF
    Actually, on an internal exchange email message its only "too late" if the recipient has read/previewed the message. If you recall an unread message, it silently vanishes. The one that cracks me up the most is "i sent an email out, can you stop it?"
  • DR M.
    Yes , hello my friend. Whats his address then ? I have some importants informations which I am wanting to inform him of.

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