British Gas latest in data leak

29 October 2015

British Gas guide Ôjargon free' It is the week of data leaks, with TalkTalk getting hacked by a child, Morrisons getting sued over the loss of data, and M&S being a bit fast and loose with customers' private data.

Now, British Gas are the latest to get in on the act, and have had to get in touch with around 2,200 people after account passwords and email addresses appeared online. The company say that their systems are secure and no payment info is at risk, but still, this doesn't look very good does it?

The details of this leak will now be sent over to the Information Commissioner's Office, so they can investigate what's going on.

British Gas posted on Twitter: "A small number of customer details briefly appeared online but our systems are secure." The follow-up email states that the information had not come from the company themselves.

Next week, we assume we'll be writing an article about a massive bank keeping customers' personal details in a brown paper bag which they've hidden behind a plant-pot, and a massive supermarket that keeps customer data safe behind a chocolate fire-guard.

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  • John D.
    At the end of the day it is totally wrong for TalkTalk to not allow people to leave their contracts early. If someone stores your data unencrypted AND allows their systems to be breached then they have seriously let you down and broken your trust. To then tell people that unless they can afford expensive contract termination penalties then they MUST allow TalkTalk to continue to be the guardians of their data, that is totally wrong. Their argument is counter-intuitive, they are saying you can leave early IF you can prove you have been the victim of fraud due to the breach. The people who should be most concerned are those who's information has not yet been sold around the dark web! Yet these are the people who aren't allowed to reclaim their data. Crazy. TalkTalk have lost the right to demand anything. Furthermore, I think it is entirely right that TalkTalk should pay up in terms of compensation too. Even impartial companies like Which agree that 'This is the bare minimum from TalkTalk'. I for one will absolutely be claiming talktalk compensation if it becomes available. Actions have consequences

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