Better reset your AOL password

aol Remember AOL? Well, they've made an announcement to the dozen or so people who care, saying that they're doing a probe into a security incident that happened this week, involving unauthorised access to their network and systems.

A picture of AOL's network and systems can be seen here.

The authorities and various experts are investigating "serious criminal activity" following an increase in spam from AOL mail addresses, according to the company themselves. It was the usual spoof email affair, with messages coming from names that would look familiar to the recipient, but of course, filled with rubbish.

AOL have noted that this incident impacted "a significant number of user accounts," including information such as email and postal addresses, personal contacts, employee info, encrypted passwords and encrypted answers to security questions. Mercifully, thus far, there's no indication that users' financial information has been compromised. However, as the investigation is still going on, that could change.

AOL users should reset their passwords, change their security question and accompanying answer, just to be on the safe side.

"The ongoing investigation of this serious criminal activity is our top priority," an AOL statement reads. "Our security team has put enhanced protective measures in place and we urge users to take proactive steps to help ensure the security of their accounts."

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