Betfair didn't feel like telling anyone about data theft


People like to know if personal details of theirs have been stolen don't they?

Well, someone should've told online gambling firm Betfair, who have finally got 'round to admitting that they didn't inform customers that the details of millions of credit cards were stolen in a major cyber attack 18 months ago.

Over 3.1 million account names with encrypted security questions, 2.9 million usernames, and nearly 90,000 account usernames with bank account details were stolen in March last year.

A Betfair spokesman said it decided not to disclose the attack on the advice of the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency, which suggested disclosure could have an impact on its investigation.

A review of security has been concluded since the attack, he added, and Betfair's systems have been strengthened so they now conform with best practice guidelines on the protection of customer details.

He said: "We have subsequently implemented all of the recommendations from the independent reports we commissioned and have done everything we can to minimise the risk of this happening again."

And if it does happen again, customers will no doubt be the last people to actually find out!


  • Dick
    So it wasn't me that logged on whilst drunk and bet £100 on West Ham winning the premier league. The crooks must have done it.
  • Jolyon B.
    Looks to me like they took a gamble that no one would find out!

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