Baby monitors are vulnerable to hacks

BabyonPhone If you're a gadget fiend and have a baby monitor that can connect to the internet, then you better listen up. Of course, if you have a normal baby monitor or just rely on your ears, then feel free to tut at new technology (like you needed permission).

These monitors that connect to the internet, so you can listen to your child when you're away from home, are vulnerable to hacks according to security firm Rapid 7.

Their study shows that at least nine internet-connected baby monitors are vulnerable to these attacks, which means that ne'er-do-wells would be able to monitor your house. Some models have unencrypted web apps, so hackers can even get in and access their cameras.

Others will let hackers add people to the list of viewers, which means anyone could be hawking your home.

You can read Rapid7's report here, which gives you everything you need to know about all this, including a list of all the products that they have tested and the corresponding vulnerabilities.

This is clearly one of the big problem facing the myriad of gadgets that are going to be part of the 'internet of things'.

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  • oldgit
    And just because some products are not vulnerable now, does not mean they wont be in the future. And the cheapness means they wont be getting security updates. Nice to know the internet of things is adding so many more opportunities for hackers to polish their skills.

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