"Attention. You are under surveillance. Have a nice day."

Because even when your personal liberties are continually brutalised in the real world Orwellian dystopia that exists outside your front door, hollow platitudes still count for something and will somehow make it all right:



  • Jack
    Haha, where is this sign? It could be an airport somewhere. Its nice to know we are all being watched and listened to, so we can go on with our lives as normal....er...
  • Brad
    Id have to just walk around all day saying "Fuck off Surveillance" to myself if they are listening in.
  • Junkyard
    @ Brad, why would you be saying that to yourself? Are you surveilling yourself? If so, this is a worrying trend. I would keep an eye on yourself if I were you.
  • numberwang
    /\ lol'd
  • lazyhour
    Don't know where this poster is from, but I doubt it's entirely straight. Looks like it must be a parody of/homage to old Pelican book covers. It has all the hallmarks - eyes, arrows, font face... Examples: http://happymundane.blogspot.com/2007/04/more-blue-munday-blue-pelican-books.html

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