Ashley Madison subscriptions are up since hack

ashley-madison-logo If the aim of the Ashley Madison hack-and-leak was supposed to shame people, and stop them from using the affairs-site, it doesn't seem to have worked.

Membership to the site has rocketed by more than 4 million in the last six months! It seems that this high profile hack was a fine piece of advertising for the website. It could truly become the sex-tape of the online dating universe.

This will irritate the group called The Impact Team, who carried out the leak, who went on the attack because they wanted Ashley Madison shut down. Of course, it remains open and, thanks to the publicity from the hack, it now has millions of new users.

However, it is far from good news for Avid Life Media (who own AM). While numbers are up, and a £37 million profit in the last financial year, they are looking at a huge amount of lawsuits, which tot up to somewhere in the region of half a billion dollars in damages.

People are suing the company, as they felt that their very personal and private data should've been better protected. The fall out from this is things like marriages going down the pan, and we all know courts love taking cases like that.

There's rumours that this spike in memberships could be bogus too.

A former employee has claimed that they were asked to build around a thousand 'fake female profiles', and Gizmodo have previously reported that around 70,000 accounts were actually bots which were created to talk to men who had signed-up with Ashley Madison.

Either way, if you want some attention, sites could well be organising their own hacks for publicity.

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