Ashley Madison blackmail kicks off

ashley-madison You remember the Ashley Madison hack, don't you? Well, month after the breach, there's reports of blackmail still going on as a result of it. Most of it, thus far, has been online, but this new batch is coming in the form of physical letters.

Seeing as Ashley Madison was a site dedicated to people wanting a bit on the side, all these threats are very worrying for anyone who signed-up to the site. Of course, to some, there's going to be little sympathy, but that's beside the point.

The fact is, because the dumping of data was public, if you stop on blackmailer, that doesn't mean someone else isn't going to try it on.

And now, Graham Cluey who is a security researcher who reported on the hack, has written about the newest concern, when he received an email from someone who got a physical letter through the post.

The person who contacted him say that they were a user of Ashley Madison, and have got a letter trying to blackmail them for over $4,000 in the mail.

They said: "I just received a physical postal letter to my house asking for $4167 USD or exposed my AM account to people close to me. is your advice the same as in your vid about email blackmail? Thank you"

Cluey's advice: "I understand that it must be very unsettling and worrying, but paying the blackmailers any money is only likely to make them focus on you more." Of course, as the blackmailers have physically sent you something - as opposed to email - that does mean you may have in your hands some useful physical evidence for the police to investigate the perpetrators."

So, in short, don't pay out. Cluey has made a video offering advice on all this, which you can watch below.


  • Jim B.
    This is a hoax. All you have to do is contact the US Postal Inspector department and ask if there are actually are any reports, other than an anonymous email to Graham Cluley which provides zero evidence, and they will tell you they have not been contacted by anyone regarding this matter.
  • Father J.
    The stupid bastards who signed up for this site and fall for this deserve to get reamed. Zero sympathy.

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