Ashley Madison add new 'mask' security feature

Ever wondered why superheroes don't get recognised immediately when all they've done is put a little mask over their eyes? Well, you can now apply your sleuthing skills when perusing Ashley Madison.

The affair-having dating site has decided to add a new feature to keep your identity a secret (well, the colour of your eyebrows and if you've got bags under your eyes), as you can upload a picture and then put a little mask on it.

No, seriously. Have a look!

ashley madison mask

Something had to be done after the massive hack that the site suffered last year, which saw 32 million people getting their information leaked and dumped online.

That all said, since the hack was so widely publicised, it seemed to do a nice bit of free advertising for the company, as since the attack, subscriptions actually went up.

Anyway, the site said: "We respect your need for discretion so we've added some tools to keep your identity a secret."

So, you can choose a black or brown mask, three different levels of blurriness, or if you're old-school, a black bar across your face like a reader's wives entry. We're not sure how discrete some of these are - it feels a bit like saying "No! Darling! That couldn't possibly be me, because they're wearing a tie, and as you can see, I am not wearing a tie right now!"

Either way, fill your boots if that's your thing.

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  • Jessie J.
    Do they have a jizz mask for us ladies? wear my hat low.

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