Are lawyers Davenport Lyons big massive bullies?

BullyBeefsMumThe question mark in the headline not only asks a genuine question but, with any luck, acts as a safeguard against any potential lawsuits because, as I sit here in my undercrackers eating Angel Delight dry from the sachet and borrowing an article from another website, I've got no idea.

Pointless disclaimer out of the way, consumer watchdog Which? is all pleased at the news that the solicitors’ watchdog - Solicitors Regulation Authority - will pursue its complaint about a London law firm, Davenport Lyons, which accused hundreds of people of illegal file sharing despite the fact they'd done nothing wrong.

The SRA have agreed with the Which? accusation that Davenport Lyons of being 'bullying' and 'excessive' and that there are grounds to call them to account.

It's going to a disciplinary tribunal.

Deborah Prince, Head of Legal Affairs, Which?, said: "We’re pleased to see some action at last from the SRA and hope the tide is finally turning in favour of consumers. We now want to see some decisive action to stop these bully-boy tactics. We hope the SRA’s decision sends a message to law firms like ACS and TBI that they can’t make a quick buck by accusing people of copyright infringements they haven’t committed."

Apparently, Which? continually hears from people angered by letters they've received that wrongly accuse them of illegal file sharing and demanding payment for their ‘crime’. It has produced advice for such people on its website, which you can find here.

Have any of you lot had any bother with letters such as this? Feel free to rant in the comments.



  • Mark P.
    Davenport Lyons are the most cynical and evil of all the law firms in lawland. Extortion and bullying should not be tolerated.
  • raptorcigs
  • ButterMan
    " Dear Davenport Lyons Please stick to making cakes and beer, Regards,"
  • Captain P.
    Not only do they sound like bullys, they also sound like a bunch of cvnts.
  • LanceVance
  • Catt
    The only way I can see this working is if. Rights holders inform the police / independent body / ISP, that an IP address is uploading their property, the body then use their own software to track the IP, that account is then suspended.
  • Bob
    This is nothing unusual. Graham White solicitors do it for unenforceable parking invoices but nobody notices because file sharing is flavour of the month. Another company's habit of sending fake, unstamped court papers to victims came up in small claims court today and was ruled to be contemptious. Costs were awarded against them.
    • Andy D.
      @Bob - got a link for us?
  • dunfyboy
    Lawyers turn out to be pricks. Whatever next?
  • Andrew R.
  • andyofyarm
    The legal profession is failing to self regulate and is being dragged into the mud by its scummiest operators.

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