Are EE selling customers' personal data?

EE EE has been accused of selling customers' personal data on to an analytics firm, who are themselves, looking to sell them on to the Met Police so they can track people. This is, of course, ALLEGED and any lawyers should be pointed in the direction of The Sunday Times who we're copying this article from.

A report reckons that the data passed on to Ipsos MORI included gender and age information, as well as users' postcodes and information calls made (to whom and when) as well as web and app use details. The result is that paying parties would be able to track a user to within 100 metres.

Ipsos MORI denied that they're selling personal data, saying the info is "anonymised" and contains groups of people no smaller than 50 and that they didn't have access to names, addresses, postcode or phone numbers.

Ipsos MORI claimed to have "the ability to access EE's entire database and thus to analyse the behaviour of groups of people in real-time".

Ben Page, CEO of Ipsos MORI, said: "We can search its entire database – but do not hold it. [For example] we wouldn't be looking at what they [customers] do on their phones all the time. Rather, we might ask EE for aggregate data on websites visited by people in shopping centres, for example - and it would then provide only the anonymised and aggregate day to answer that specific search."

"So we can look for subscribers that meet specific criteria to answer specific questions, but we're not routinely looking at all subscribers."

Asked about claims that Ipsos MORI is offering more data than that to potential customers such as the Met Police, the EE spokesman said such data is "completely separate", adding: "what Ipsos can do for other clients is beyond what they can get from us."

Welcome to the dark arts of data.


  • Alexis
    If what The Sunday Times is saying is true - bad. If what MORI are saying - no problem.
  • Charles D.
    We also have the data at CPW - and will undercut EE - always competive, that's us at Carphone Warehouse...

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