Another suicide at Apple factory?

7 October 2010

It seems that the suicides are continuing at Foxconn, the Chinese factory where Apple products are made. What’s more, they’re becoming more and more elaborate, as this CCTV footage shows...

We’re joking of course. There’s no evidence whatsoever that confirms this to be Foxconn. Although it might be. But probably isn’t.


  • James D.
    Give boingboing some credit guys.
    • Andy D.
  • Meee!
    It's Korean footage.
  • James
    bitterwallet is full of outdated and copied articles...
  • Charlie
    Bring X-Files spring to mind, what is going on in these companies?
  • k-Fed
    This story was reported in the Metro this morning, apparently this poor angry fella fell 20 feet to his death. Not so funny now...
  • Neil
    I wouldn't say that....
  • Richard
    And there I was thinking that bitterwallet was a consumer website, but this is the second article in a week taking the mickey out of a suicide. FFS, I don't come here to watch people handicapped people killing themselves.
  • Paul C.
    I detest aggresive mototorised wheelchair users. They zoom about on those carts without a bloody care in the world. Most of them are too frail and dithery to be put in charge of a car - yet we give them the equivalent on our pathways and pavements? i saw a toddler knocked down outside the library the other day by an old lady in one of those shopmobility buggies. She just carried on oblivious smacking into the railings as she went. This video is almost like revenge.
  • No
    This website is a fucking joke now, Im sorry but I am another who finds this disgusting mocking someones death.
  • Paul C.
    Do one Ned Flanders. There is not a single bit of mockery in the actual article. Go read the Bible/Koran/Bhagavard Gita/To'rah/whatever. No mockery in those but plenty of killing and hatred.

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