Another big company guilty of shoddy data protection practices?

data-tngWe like it when you email us with your stories. We love it when you send us something juicy. Most people tip us off to shoddy shops or downright rubbishness to help or warn other people, so they don’t get stung by the same sharp practice. Sometimes people get us involved in the hope that we can help them get a speedy resolution. And sometimes we do.

What happens less frequently is that we are emailed by a certain someone offering to sell us information. After all, we are not the News of the World and Andy hardly ever comes into the office topless. But recently we were approached by such a person who had information about a massive data protection issue in a FTSE 100 company.

This man, we’ll call him James,  is an ex-employee of this online retailer and claims that hundreds of staff have unaudited access to the personal data of the 6.5million plus users of the online service. He also claims users can download personal data without detection, and that there are a number of serious security flaws in the website that are crying out for personal data to be used by a nasty immoral sort.

So we asked James for some proof. He claims it would have been seriously inappropriate for him to actually obtain personal data, and that he no longer has access, but wants this story to get as much coverage as possible. Provided he gets several hundred pounds to do the right thing and expose said big company of course. He hasn’t yet come back with any proof.

So we think we might contact the company and ask them. We haven’t paid James any money, so he hasn’t confirmed who the naughty company is, but he lives in Leicester and used to work for Next Plc., a FTSE 100 online retailer with several million online customers.


  • samuri
  • Mr P.
    Is it Woolworths?
  • The i.
  • Alexis
    All I know is the other half spends shitloads with Next and she's always getting letters from the bank saying someone's been fraudulently trying to apply for stuff in her name.
  • The i.
    actually ....Next...where your never alone with a clone....shit clothes...the equivalent of a supermarket brand
  • badger
    Timothy Whites?
  • Dick
    Was he sacked for trying to get hold of people's data?
  • Joe
    Nice one there BitterWallet, implicitly libelling Next by saying they're "guilty" when you freely admit there's not a gnat's dick of proof.
  • Chewbacca
    Don't you just hate morons who add "s"''s to shop names? "Tescos", "Asdas" etc etc? These people should be put to death.
  • badger
    How's Wm Low's doing?
  • Ljc
    Thisloopholer is a total cunt. Has his own site that spews bile like this. He crys like a baby when the gay station stores don't bend over so he can arse rape them, via the price match policy they have. Andy if you ever meet him again, do me and several others a favour and give the big mouth twat a Scottish kiss.
  • Jw
    Nice to see employees/ex-employees of these large companies acknowledging these issues and bringing them to light. If it weren't for them, we would never know of such poor data protection issues until its too late. I'd be confident in saying most companies have piss poor data protection in place but the people that know this are too scared/don't think its important to tell people about it. Companies like this should be named and shamed.

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