You'd think they'd have learned wouldn't you...?


[Huffington Post]


  • PaulH
    I think you should start tagging things NSFW
  • Amanda H.
    How about you do some work instead? I'm waiting for work to start, So I'm alright jack. More boobies please!?
  • mark M.
    When you have to kiss the Bishop's ring, it is a good idea to check what type of ring he's wearing
  • Joanne
    haha my kid brother was an altar boy and one day he came home from mass and told us the priest let him touch a holy bone....we later found out it was a relic...a fleshy relic strategically placed in a box that the priest held in front of his crotch region...
  • Stuart b.
    "When you said you wanted me to show you heaven, I didn't think you meant this nom nom nom..."
  • Nobby
    Yes, by the time he is that age he should have learnt to give a decent blowie, what with all the practice and that.

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