Yodel driver goes Fast & Furious at roundabout

A Yodel driver has been sacked after they were filmed drifting around a roundabout in their work van.

Obviously, it was a rookie error doing this in a marked van, as the world is full of grasses and humourless bosses... and, yeah, it is dangerous or something.

Watch the video here.

Now, watching that van screech around like a boss, makes us think that the driver should be promoted in some way - how hard is it to do that in a van?!

Of course, this is reckless and whatnot, but c'mon... that's ace! We hope he gets a cool job next after getting their P45.


  • Fat H.
  • Fat H.
    Tokyodel drift!
  • LD
    This that Clarkson ?
  • Father J.
    Yodel exhibiting their usual level of care and attention to delivering your parcels, I see.

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