What's in the box Alan?

Avid Bitterwallet reader Alan dropped us a line recently after he was both staggered and baffled by a HUGE box he received from Amazon. He tells us: “I ordered a mini measuring glass which is basically a shot glass with writing on it. Took me 15 minutes to find it.”


But find it he did, and here it is! Imagine the FIRE you’ll be able to make with the packaging Alan!


  • samuri
    jellybaby22..........i would like to come in her box
  • Boris
    This could have been such a great competition with great BitterWallet prizes. Now all we can do is imagine how funny our suggestions would have been. I would have gone for 'a matching silk scarf and stocking set for a sexy business lady' as that's what I want for my good lady.
  • Doris
    Boris; perhaps I have misjudged you.
  • Chewbacca
    15 minutes, eh? Alan isn't the sharpest tool in the box then?
  • Yue
    I'm going to stick up for Amazon on this one. Assuming they are out of smaller boxes would you rather have waited for them to get smaller boxes in or receive the time in a good amount of time? Personally places like the hut or zavvi take over a week to deliver anything. Amazon usually manages a couple of days. What do we want more, decent delivery times or more green friendly packaging?
  • Fudge P.
    Amazon, the biggest user of cardbord boxes in the universe are out of small boxes?! Is there a small box shortage? I'm going out and stocking up and fill my loft before general panic sets in. Alternatively there are plenty of boxes but the computer system that tells the astonishingly dumb box-packer exactly what box to use for each product has an error and they did not have the sense/enthusiasm to check.
  • Christy
    I ordered a small calendar at Christmas, it turned up in a box that could have held 100, when postie handed it too me I couldn't think what i had odered that warranted such a large box. Still made a change from my £500 laptop just dumped outside the door.
  • iuewf
    I agree with Chewbacca, it's a bigger box than it needs to be but 15 minutes?!
  • shoplifter
    Sat in a box...waiting for a box...watching a box...it`s all boxes these days...how the other half live eh...tsk..tsk..personally carrier bags do it for me Boris
  • Mary H.
    Alan, I bet you would have complained your tits off if it had come smashed with little packaging. You dopey complaining little CUNT!
  • shoplifter
    Calm down Mary...or have you become unhinged....
  • Alan's m.
    It's just there Alan, ON TOP OF the box. Can't you see it Alan?
  • Alan's m.
  • Mike b.
    I dread to think how long it will take him to find the clitoris
  • Richard M.
    The only upside to all this excessive packaging from Amazon is that I am never short of boxes and bubble wrap for the items I sell on Ebay!
  • Boris
    Has anybody worked out what was in the box yet? The tension is unbearable.
  • Keith
    I've had the odd silly box size for deliveries before, but I'd suggest the above system is true, but I'm sure there's some box to tick to report a wrong box size, and so I imagine the next time one's ordered it'll be packaged more suitably. Also I'm sure there's a way to review the packaging on Amazon, too. If they've not been told, then that's another thing to do to help :) I'm with Richard too, aint started selling on ebay, but I've got a cupboard stuffed with flattened boxes, jiffy bags and bubble wrap :)
  • Raggedy
    @Mike Hock - Fantastic! Amazon have started putting a clitoris on their packaging. I never would have dreamed...
  • Boris
    Was it Alan in the box? Did you mess up the article with poor punctuation a bit title like the Tesco 'fry pan' debacle?
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  • moss
    some one alert the church elders!
  • Bosanquet
    In my experience, big boxes are cheaper to send than little boxes. Ask royal mail if you don't believe me.

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