What? It's The Daily Mail poll FAIL

More haste, less speed and all that. While taking a break from determining the next everyday item or activity that'll give you cancer, The Daily Mail's front page has posed yet another survey that'll have middle-England up in arms about something or another.

Unfortunately, those with a basic grasp of the English language may spot a potential flaw in their presentation of the poll:

Bitterwallet - Daily Mail poll fail


  • Delenn
    Given the mess Bitterwallet made of the poll in the worst company awards a couple of months ago, I really would not have bought this up. He who lives in a glass house and all that......
  • PokeHerPete
    @Paul, Whats the problem here? This makes perfect sense to the typical Daily Mail reader who read between the lines and add conjecture.
  • Dick
    No doubt the poll will reveal that illegal immigrant children are watching 27 hours of TV per day, and not only do they get the TV for free, but they don't have to buy a license either.
  • brian
    I vote for andywash
  • Mick
    Funny how the very next article on Bitterwallet states: "when if don’t have to." The Daily Mail are not the only ones with bad grammar.

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