Vodafone struggles amidst Moneygeddon

Vodafone UK has announced a 45% belly-flop in adjusted operating profit as worried citizens curl up into impenetrable balls of frugality. The figures included a 7.3% drop in UK call revenue which went unmatched by a 4% increase in (presumably replacement) messaging revenue and roaming charges have declined along with our affinity for lush hols to exotic locations. The firm has also lost 450,000 customers during Q1 2009 (down to 18.7m), a worrying statistic compared with iPhone-harbingers O2 who have (allegedly) gained 250,000 in the same period. The fact Voda had to dissolve 500 jobs as a mid-quarter cost-cutting spree can’t have helped…


However this all does seem to answer the question embedded in Paul Smith’s earlier post on Vodafone scrapping their roaming charges for the Summer. With roaming charges evidently in decline perhaps the mobile giant is trying to recoup or bind in what customers it can in the savviest way possible… In any case, if you’d like to take advantage of a giant toppling over, just grab a free SIM card and register for the free roaming deal regardless.

[Vodafone Group PLC Results y/e 31-Mar-2009]


  • from_me
    i cant get vodafone signal where i live or work. and i am in a large town! idiots.
  • Elizabeth C.
    I have been with vodaphone for years and live in large city used to get good signal years ago but keep sending different mobiles for repaits thinking the mobile is at fault for cutting of my calls and have finally discovered the only place I can make full calls is upstairs useless
  • tim
    I've always thought VodaPhone was a pretty shit/overpriced company anyway, so good for them....
  • dave
    Super signal, super customer service & the best best plan for my iphone - been with them years and I am paying £10 a month texts/calls/data - unbeatable.
  • lazygamer
    A credit card of mine (that has never been used since I activated it in February) was used fraudulently on Vodafone's website the other day. The fraud dept. of my card issuer have said it's a regular occurence that isn't necessarily fraudulent, but accidental. Apparently Vodafone's payment gateway doesn't check the name/address held on the card, not does it always validate the CVC code. Thanks for charging me £60 despite never having a phone with you, Vodafone.
  • Shieldsy
    I've tried 'em all now and will stick with Vodafone. Always get the best signal strength with them (apparently it's due to the wavelength they use says a couple of articles I read) ... great deal (£10 unlimited txts & 200mins) ... and best of all: ENGLISH call centres. One of the few remaining British owned companies. It'd be a real shame to lose 'em
  • Chris
    Ive just signed an 18 month contract with vodafone. I used to get full 3G where i live in liverpool on my last contract with T-mobile but now that ive changed to Vodafone i hardly get 3G at all now. And because i signed the deal through phones4u i can't cancel my contract. I'm not happy at all with the customer service i recieved from Vodafone. They are the ones i pay so i think the should be the ones to cancel my contract if i dont have a good signal on their network. Ive eve tried a different handset :-(

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