UK Rolex Robbery Gone Horribly Wrong

19 October 2008

A Rolex Burglary in Kent goes horribly wrong, when CCTV captures the entire footage of the event.

We've decided to spice up the footage with a nifty soundtrack and speed it up 2x to make it even more amusing than it already is (and to save you some precious time).

Rolexes stolen worth: £30k
Time from raid to capture: 4 minutes
Combined time to serve behind bars: 16 years
Capturing it all on CCTV: priceless

Lesson: If you're do an armed robbery, please don't stop at the lights in a getaway vehicle. It's sooo amateurish.

Original Video and Full Story [Kent News]

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  • Paul Nikkel EDITOR
    I was hoping for a car crash actually when they pulled up to the light...
  • none
    Do you have the rights to this video? Is it legal to take a video like this and just stick all over it? Seems a bit cheap hey? I;m intereted - is it legal? Can you write an article on the legality invovling the use of images and videos you have copied from other sites?
  • Copperface
    'In yet another confirmation that the UK is carefully shuffling its way to an Orwellian manifest destiny' That was the opening sentence in the previous article. CCTV has always been included in criticisms of the 'surveillance society. ' Yet now we we can clearly see the benefits here of CCTV coverage. They would not have been caught so quickly had there been no CCTV. Having cake and eating it springs to mind.
  • Paul Nikkel EDITOR
    What are the benefits of cctv in this situation?

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