The sort of logo FAIL that leaves you lost for words

The Field Center in Philadelphia is focused on "children’s policy, practice and research", and "led by some of the US’s foremost experts in child welfare."

With that in mind, this is the logo proudly displayed on their website:

Bitterwallet - The field Center logo FAIL

You can see what they meant, but, well. No.



  • Nobby
    You've got to wonder how much they paid for that logo. It is terribly drawn. The head should be lower.
  • Paul
    It looks... Catholic.
  • Chad M.
    It's not that bad really, is it?
  • Josh
    Bitter Wallet must be short of new today... News story FAIL.
  • Jonny S.
    Josh - Dirty Gusset reader?
  • Josh
  • Mick T.
    Ha, just goes to show, all logos should be checked by a dirty old perv before being used live.
  • scuccadenza
    I think we need to let the Arlington Paediatric Centre know that someone has stolen their idea...
  • Tom H.
    Oh FFS, in what way is that a fail may I ask? A child welfare institution called The Field Centre makes a logo with an adult looking like a 'F' and a child like a 'C' and bitterwallet is - what? Lost for words???] In no way does that look like any sort of man-child bumming logo, which I presume you are implying. Really f-ing desperate stuff boys.
  • delrio
    @scuccadenza if anything that's actually worse - looks like the adult is holding the kids head to the right area :s
  • Rich
    Is it a one legged man?
  • zeddy
    @Rich: That's not his leg!
  • Pokey
    Good grief. BW gets more and more pathetic by the day, but this one's not even worth laughing at like most of their dire contributions. They take an amateurish but quite acceptable logo, wring it through their dirty little prepubescent minds and come up with something worth sharing as an alleged 'news story'. The logo looks like what it is, an adult figure shaped like the letter F and a child figure shaped like a letter C. The F figure works as it looks like it's using two arms to comfort the child, but the C figure does not work as it looks like the child is dead and being held up by the adult. If it's taken to be the image BW would like to headline News at Ten with, then I have to ask why it's being slammed into the kid's chest? This site talks some shit.

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