Stop Smoking say the café that cares

8 April 2010

"You choke, I smoke."  The pathetic mewings of a do-gooding boob who probably drives their car everywhere without a hint of irony.

No such luck here though as one café in Bangladesh points out.


Whilst most non-smokers give off the impression of an evangelical helper, this lot don't care for your wellbeing at all, rather, your ability to buy stuff from them. It's almost impressive in its honesty really.

[via Oddly Specific]


  • Nobby
    They should just sell matches.
  • Bullet
    and ashtrays
  • mo
    Andrew, Bangladesh?
  • Tom
    Yeah Andrew in Balgladesh....the family is in denial that the British Empire in India is over
  • mo
    Bangladesh is a Country that was part of Pakistan for hundreds of years, India had its independence from Britain, Bangladesh was never under British control as the country Bangladesh didn't exist during the British control in India. so therefore I am afraid your post is incorrect.

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