Spelling fail of the year

Hard to see this one being bettered to be honest....


[via @hinge832]


  • PokeHerPete
    What about the competition?
  • The B.
    So like, because like it's like a disco one does that like mean like it's.... vajazzled?
  • pete
    pokeherpete god damn it shut up about that competition!
  • @pokeherpete
    i bet pokeherpete is someone at the Bitterwallet offices!
  • FFS
    I don't get it. That's how you correctly spell 'discocunt'.
  • Urgh
    10% of a cunt who wants that, what bit would you get?
  • samuri
  • me
    Discocunt? Is that what girls get from dancing too much? Like when astronauts get shuttlecock?
  • fra
    Peter Stringfellow, now there's a discocunt
  • Cheesey
    "Posted by Urgh • September 26, 2011 at 10:28 am 10% of a cunt who wants that, what bit would you get?" As long as it's not the G-Spot or clitoris - can never find them.
  • Curry C.
    Spelling fail of the year, perhaps. But which year? Not this year, that's for sure. The restaurant known as Bengal City has been called Shikara for at least 5 years. Bitterwallet's own Paul Smith will be able to confirm this exciting fact.
  • Curry C.
    And I know it's spelt 'connoisseur'.

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