Silly billies confuse Walmart staff on Black Friday with list nonsense

We like this a lot. Over in the US of America, some silly, silly men made up some silly, silly shopping lists filled with silly, silly made-up things, before going off into Walmart and asking the staff if they stocked any of the stuff. On Black Friday, when the shops were at their busiest.

The beauty of it is that they were given each other’s shopping lists and weren’t allowed to look at them until they were in the stores. Much mirth ensues. Any of you willing to admit having bought and used Doctor Normal’s Condoms For One…?


  • zeddy
    Sniggering and laughing as he reads out the list to the assistant. What a dick! Can you be more obvious?
  • Bloke
    What's so funny about this? Obviously the employee isn't going to say "stop taking the piss" in case the person asking is a some sort of secret shopper, deranged or possibly armed. It's not a contest between wits. This is a slightly more advanced form of a four-year old saying "wee-wee, poo-poo" a lot. Slightly, but not by very much.
  • Spencer
    The top video is in a super target, not walmart. This is comedic brilliance... Particularly for those of us that dont take life so seriously...
  • Spencer
    Oh and btw.... smelly jellies are actually a real product. They're a jelly air freshener that get placed in the fan section of ceiling mounted air conditioners. They dispense pleasant fragrance for a few weeks till they dry out...
  • Larry C.
    This is funny. I pity those who think otherwise; life must be a real drag for you folk.
  • SgtMunky
    LOL I feel sorry for the guys that take life too seriously too, I thought it was funny, particularly the first one 'Do you have any Japanese children?
  • Sicknote
    ....any dangle berries......any?
  • Andy
    The woman with the all-black eyes at 2.15!

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