Shell top brass strike boozy oil at posh party

7 June 2012

Good old Shell have constructed two new oil rigs which they’ll be banging into the ground in the Arctic. As such, they had a bit of a party last night to celebrate the fact, complete with a scale model of the rig, with the three foot contraption designed to dispense drinks to the well-to-do guests.

The first drink was due to be offered to the widow of the man who designed the rig (the Kulluk) back in the 1980s. It didn’t quite go to plan though…


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  • daniel
    Another blow out
  • Tweedskin
    She has the highest pitched voice i've ever heard. And only a yank could make that much fuss over a tiny stream of water....i bet she doesn't swallow.
  • DragonChris
    Damn shame it's fake apparently :(
  • regular n.
    Crap looking model. Piss poor posh party for a company worth billions. Bad acting. Total shit
  • You
    This is painfully fake. Look at the terrible acting of the old man when the drink squirts at him. Why wouldnt he take one step to the right instead of doddering around unconvincingly while getting squirted?
  • Mike H.
    Of course I pay people to do that in my face, although it's generally not coming from an fake oil rig.
  • Dick
    It does look very fake. But as it's a granny wet T-shirt competition, I say so what?

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