Scratch card withdrawn because people can't count

coolcash A scratch card from Camelot called Cool Cash has been taken out of the shops because players couldn't understand numbers.

To qualify for a prize, you needed to scratch a window to reveal a temperature lower than the figure displayed on each card. Now, because the card was winter themed, temperatures were usually below freezing.

Alas, people aren't too great with negative numbers and Camelot received a number of complaints on the first day. To understand the problem, we need someone who was confused by the whole thing to tell you about it. And be warned, this contains one of the quotes of the year.

Tina Farrell, from Manchester, called Camelot after failing to win with a load of cards and said: "On one of my cards it said I had to find temperatures lower than -8. The numbers I uncovered were -6 and -7 so I thought I had won, and so did the woman in the shop. But when she scanned the card the machine said I hadn't."

Here comes the quote.

"I phoned Camelot and they fobbed me off with some story that -6 is higher - not lower - than -8 but I'm not having it."

She continued: "I think Camelot are giving people the wrong impression - the card doesn't say to look for a colder or warmer temperature, it says to look for a higher or lower number. Six is a lower number than 8. Imagine how many people have been misled."

A Camelot spokeswoman said: "The instructions for playing the Cool Cash scratchcard are clear - and are printed on each individual card and in the game procedures available at each retailer. However, because of the potential for player confusion we have decided to withdraw the game."


  • Tits M.
    I hope the dumb bint Tina will be sterilised after all this. I've shit brown stuff cleverer than her.
  • Ben
    This was a great story when it first happened back in 2007:
  • check d.
    The story is almost 7 years old.
  • StuPid
    Isn't it a shame when they fail to realise that 2013 is bigger than 2007? Do we need an update on Tina Farrell though - did she ever go back and get that maths GCSE?
  • Sheldon C.
    I wonder if I could get a job as a writer as I'm handy with ctrl-c, ctrl-v...
  • jokester2
    In other news, 20% of people can't spell "IQ" ....
  • Spencer
    Y'know the manchester evening news ran this story in November 2007 right? Seriously Mof... are things that bad? And as for the mouth breathing luddite - and the knob that spent £450 on a photo of an xbox... this is why we need food stamps. We're handing over billions to people who are 'struggling to look for work' - to ensure they don't go hungry or without clothes/heating. Instead it gets spent on gambling and next gen game consoles.... We need another war to thin things out a bit...
  • OlPeculier
    Remember this story from last time. Think she should have been given an offer: do you want -£1,000 or -£2,000 adding to your bank account?
  • Pile P.
    I hope Tina learns to suck dick really, really well. Otherwise she'll have a difficult life.
  • Coran
    No wonder so many people are in debt... Story from 2007? Bitterwallet leading the charge in journalism..
  • Ryan
    Don't allow these people to breed
  • Big M.
    Also remembered from last time. Not from BW.

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