Restaurant calls customer a "cheeky f***er"

As you know, sometimes you have to barter with companies to get a deal. One fella called Richard Moore chanced his arm when contacting a Chinese restaurant.

He asked, because he was bringing a group to Twin Dynasty in Kent, if it would be possible to get a discount.

Unfortunately for the restaurant, they don't know how to work technology and, presumably hitting 'reply all', Moore soon found himself being called a "cheeky f***er".


Restaurant director Nick Byram said sorry, saying: "As I explained to Mr Moore the email he received was a genuine mistake sent to the wrong recipient on a completely different matter and topic."

Moore isn't having any of it, saying: "I was completely shocked, I've told friends who have said they are disgusted by it all. I certainly won’t be eating there."

Of course, Moore should be angling for LOADS of free stuff now by way of compensation. Of course, there's no real emotional distress or anything like that over something as trivial as this... but this is the dance of customer service. When you cock-up, you've got to either try and out-troll someone or hold your hands up and give the aggrieved a load of fodder and laugh it off.


  • Mr E.
    Richard Moore clearly is a cheeky fucker...
  • Father J.
    So what? He *is* a cheeky fucker, and the restaurant should tell him to nob off with all due haste.
  • Dacouch
    I predict that if he ever went to the restaurant for a meal, that he would definitely end up eating the Cream of Sum Yung Guy
  • Paul
    I'm with the restaurant on this one - the guy is a cheeky fucker. It's because of people like him that our economy's so screwed - no one wants to pay the going rate for anything any more!
  • Championthewondermule
    "cheeky fucker" is actually a really nice rice based dish that is served on a large platter and guests help themselves to it, the company was offering a free platter of cheeky fucker for his guests but unfortunately missed a colon, it should have actually read "What do you think of this: cheeky fucker?". I should be a lawyer....
  • Big M.
    He is a cheeky fucker. Why not just play the game? Ask the restaurant for a nice discount seeing as they fuck up when replying to emails. I'm sure they'd oblige somehow. He's no problem using language like 'half-arsed' in a email so what's his problem with profanity? Why do people always act like they've been arse-raped when complaining about bad customer service. What a nob/knob.
  • Richard
    If this happened to me I would think, 'they guys are fucking legendary' and immediately book with them!

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