PC World is worse than hell?

4 March 2014

Buzzfeed - the Sunday afternoon repeats of the internet - have seemingly stumbled across some Bitterwallet japery. If you look for PC World on Google, the official tile shows this as the companies logo.


And if you hover over the image, what will you see?

pc world hell


There it is. Our name.

You can try it for yourself as, at the time of publication, Google or PC World haven't actually managed to remove it or correct the error.

We're puerile enough to be thrilled by this and we're happy that someone has finally managed to find our little Easter Egg.


  • Mark F.
    Image still there on Google at 16:49... Probably won't last as long as the Feral trolley though.
  • Cockhead
    Can't see it.
  • Han_Solo
    Seems to have gone now
  • Bob
    And now featured in the Independent! http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/pc-world-google-gaffe-this-is-what-happens-when-you-try-to-search-for-the-computer-superstore-online-9168895.html
  • Bam
    It seems someone is really pissed with PC worlds service....:D
  • Real R.
    WTF? Why is everything I type not showing up??
  • Les D.
    @ Real Raggedy: Try hitting enter after you've type your message!
  • Tom
    In my opinion, I kind of guess that sums my whole experience with them.
  • Anonymous
    I can quiet comfortably say it is hell. Worked there for nearly 10 years and left about 4 years ago. I was one of their best performers as far as sales went, however when my mum (now passed away) was diagnosed with cancer and I had to run home to look after her during breaks and having issues with my "warranty (whatever happens) sales" due to my problems at home the two guys at the top management level in store were more than just spineless rude 55+ year old bastards. I actually look back at it like a concentration camp, similar attitude to hitler. They showed no sympathy when I requested a change in role, explained that I was finding it hard to focus and smile to shit bag customers, and were only interested in threatening with disciplinary procedures if performance did not change... Hope they go to hell!! Leaving the hell hole was the best thing ever. Every time I drive past the shithole sends shivers down my back.

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