Pastors tip God, not you

A pastor, complaining on a receipt, has become rather popular online. Answering a seemingly compulsory 18% tip, the man of the cloth ranted: "I give God 10%, why do you get 18%?"

Maybe because the service staff who fed you ACTUALLY EXIST?

The photo took off on Reddit and has drawn thousands of comments, some berating the clergyman's lack of tip, while others have debating tipping as a whole. It seems tipping is more of a thorny issue than religion itself.

Anyway, tip you cheap shits. You'll only complain about the amount of swarth and coppers littering your house up any way.



  • Tim B.
    Um. This is England. We don't tip.
  • dvdj10
    I'll tip if the service if good. But why should I help pay the staff wages on top of the product I've just bought?
  • Rosco C.
    Here's a tip...Don't hold your breath waiting for me to give you 'extra' money for bringing me a bowl of soup!
  • Mienaikage
    FYI the minimum wage for a tipped employee in the U.S. can be as low as $2.13 an hour as the employer can make a portion of the tips the employee receives count as what the employer is paying them.
  • dvdj10
    Oh I know the US is different and that's fine. I tip there. But Mof saying "Anyway, tip you cheap shits." Nah.
  • Archie
    I never tip. It doesn't go down well in America, I have had the taxi drivers chase after me on numerous occasions where i the ln have to explain that a tip is for service above and beyond what the job entails.
  • Alexis
    @ Mineailage - isn't there a difference between a service charge and a tip though? A tip is a reward, whereas a charge is, well, a charge.
  • jokester
    Why should waiters/waitresses get tips as standard? Do you tip the supermarket checkout-lady? Or the parcel delivery man? No. I agree with Archie ("a tip is for service above and beyond what the job entails.") - if someone has gone out of their way to give you a better service than normal then they deserve to be rewarded. A waiter/waitress who has only done their job does not deserve to be rewarded anything above their pay. Also, the vast majority of waiters/waitresses are tax cheats - they don't pay income tax on their cash tips. For some unfathomable reason, they don't have to pay national insurance on tips...
  • zeddy
    The waitresses and waiters I have been served by in the US have been really good, genuine people who are welcoming and go above and beyond the usual dross here in the UK. They have deserved my tips unlike some here. They may be fat but they know how to do customer service.
  • Rob
    More casual piss taking out of Christianity on bitter wallet. Racists.
  • Rob
    Or not, you decide?
  • Rob
    Oh, just got the joke. Very good! Fair play to the guys.
  • jo
    *debit card...
  • Phuck Y.
    I cross the tip out and put, "Fuck You" in it's place.
  • Bilbo007
    @Rob I take the piss out of all religions and the idiots who believe in them.
  • Archbishop C.
    Just something I've noticed recently. Don't you find that those who don't believe in religion are almost fanatic in their urgency to tell everyone there is no such thing? Perhaps as well as having Jedi Knight as a religion we could have Atheist too?
  • The P.
    @Archbishop of Canterbury Now that would be funny!
  • Dan
    "More casual piss taking out of Christianity on bitter wallet. Racists." Since when was Christianity a race?
  • Sawyer
    Flawed logic, unless the pastor is giving God 10% of his food expenses rather than 10% of income, which is the usual basis of tithes.
  • bah h.
    where's the story in this? should someone not be getting sued?
  • ExCrement
    since when has 18pc been a sensible tip... i do say 5-10% for good service optionally and directly to the staff concerned, certainly I would not stump up to this itemn secreted on your bill as a standard extortion which will no doubt not get back to the staff at all. another rip off. fed up of them.
  • Terry
    Maybe he should give got 50%? that would make it fairer.

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