Paintings of unicorns doing it? This way sir...

Unicorns... at it... yesterday

Remember the 'Celestial Soul Portraits' that were featured on these very pages? If you don't and you're not bright enough to work out that the differently coloured words in the previous sentence was a link to them, then chances are you could end up buying one for yourself.

If that's your thing, then you'll love this latest bit of outsider art (that's being kind I guess) that's been ferreted out.

What we have here is the work of Chaz Vitale who, quite obviously, is as mad as a box of frogs.

The image features a two-headed (and "doubly sweet" according to our painterman) unicorn spunking out a rainbow whilst stood on a cloud.

'Spunking' isn't nearly cuddly enough for our Chaz, who prefers to say "cascades of rainbow love tenderly assault the viewer". I feel violated.

Chaz Vitale calls this hellish vision 'Uniporn' and describes it as "a fantastical visual romp of extraordinary sexploration!" before adding "Pick up 1, or 2, or all 4 of these fanciful fornicating fables for you or the unicorn fetishist in your life."

Holy shitting crikey. Apparently, our Chaz will do you one on commission, so that could be you riding a unicorn shitting sun-rays from your tear-ducts whilst giving a hand-job to a mythical creature.

Click here it you'd... for whatever reason... like to buy any of these prints. Be sure to check out the other prints... there's a nice one of a unicorn ramming another unicorn while biting it.


  • Lumoruk
  • Nobby
    Well I think Marvel should be suing him. This is clearly a rip off of Iceman. Just that instead of ice, this two headed unicorn travels on a stream of its own spunk. And it's a unicorn of course. With two heads.
  • LanceVance
    Just WOW! This art is just stunning, in a bad way.
  • Nobby
    I guess at least this is proof that there is not a crock of gold at the end of a rainbow, just a crock of shite.
  • LanceVance
    @ Nobby Should'nt that be a crock of spunk? LOL.
  • Rostron
    Mmmmmmm I think Zebracorn Lovemunch is my favourite painting. Just for the title alone.
  • dunfyboy
    Hmmm, where do they get the ideas from?
  • -]
  • -]
    Making a Wish is my fave -
  • Unipornlove
    A unicorn penetrating a cupcake, complete with icing and oh yes a candle Tempted as you cant make it up - maybe thats his marketing ploy

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