Paint colour chart fail

Rape yellow? Small problem with the spelling of 'melon' too...


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  • Silly
    Rape seed (also rapeseed). Like
  • LZ
    Also, "Bassalt" only has one 's' and "Squirel" has 2 'r's. /pedantry
  • Andy D.
    @Silly - yeah, obviously, I know about rape seed but you know, words and their connotations and that. I once heard my old nan use the phrase 'nigger brown' and that wasn't really advisable either. Although to be fair, she wasn't trying to sell paint, but describe the color of a jacket.
  • Wonky H.
    Silly is obviously off her tits on E's. It is like well, duh.. we didn't think that rape had a yellow colour. Unlikely, coercion, which we all know is a gentle apple white tint.
  • Pedant
    Maybe its Carnegie Mellon?
  • The B.
    See also: Period Red Dogturd white Shit Brown Puss yellow
  • whoosh
    And why have they printed some colours' names in exactly the same colour as the colour ?
  • PhilthyPhil
    whatever happened to the favourite colour of LADA drivers, Hearing-aid beige?
  • DavtT
    Nobody uses "bellend purple" - why not?
  • James
    @ Wonky Henry Ha ha
  • Nobby
    @ The Real Bob ... Dogturd white That's not been available since the 1970s has it?
  • adr0ck
    tartan paint thats the best colour
  • Touchwood
    And squirrel mis-splet too!
  • Pete
    If you think of the bright yellow fields of crops you see in summer. The flowering plants are Rape. They are farmed for the seeds to make Rape Seed Oil. Probably the most common cooking oil on super markets shelves.
  • -]
    Even more common than cockoil?
  • Latest B.
    [...] Paint colour chart fail | BitterWallet [...]
  • Al
    Hey guys ... you'll never believe this ... one of my mates told me there is a bird called a 'tit' ... lol ... rofl ... I've found a book from the RSPB with lots of pictures of 'tits' in it ... I haven't stopped laughing all day. See you all in the playground tomorrow.

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