Painful Sky TV EPG fail...

From last night's schedules, courtesy of Twitter user @StaringMonster...



  • Blingmasta Z.
    just like a rolex yeah? wasa good watch, maa-seeeeve!
  • Mackenzie
    It wasn't just a sky issue as I had the same on my Samsung,
  • Mark C.
    The EPG on my Talk Talk TV service keeps offering me the opportunity to watch 'How Clean is your Ho'.
  • pilotboy
    Given what the programme was about (BA Pilot being *sucked* out of the cockpit due to a faulty windscreen) it could have been worse...
  • Drew P.
    What no HD? Change with the times man.
  • qwertyuiop
    Oh look, a cock joke.... How mature. Honestly guys, is it too much to ask that you grow up at least a little this year?
  • Mike
    @qwertyuiop Lighten up FFS! Or, if you really don't like it, Foff! Jesus...
  • bob
    @qwertyuiop Fuck off you cunt.
  • Zeddy
    @qwertyuiop: We hate you, you fox bummer.
  • qwertyuiop
    Look, if you're all going on the offensive because I poked a bit of sense into this 'front page material' of a post then you're probably no better than Mr Dawson, especially 'bob' who deems it necessary to insult me. Just be thankful I have a higher level of maturity in my shits than you do in your entire body, otherwise calling me a cunt would seem like a compliment of the highest order compared to what I'd subject you to. January probably is a slow news month, but surely we're at bottom of barrel scraping levels here, no?
  • andy y.
    Oh I can go lower..maybe a fox
  • zeddy
    @qwertyuiop: If you like sensible investigative journalism that exposes the truth about bad retail practices, away and have a hand shandy over Anne Robinson. Gentlemen of BW - we salute you!
  • FFS
    @qwertyuiop Declaring how you're more mature than everyone else is just another sign of your abject cuntiness, you humourless cunt.
  • Reverend J.
    If you don’t like cock jokes, then fuck off you miserable bunch of fuck-tards.. This is a light hearted site with allot of good ideas and of course good cock jokes.. Besides, look at your own cock, that itself is a joke! :P Don’t make me quote our late Bill Hicks again ;)

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