O2 announces refunds following last week's outage crisis

18 July 2012

Bitterwallet - O2 featured Remember the O2 outage last week? When it seemed as though the world was about to end because O2 customers couldn’t send some texts or check their Facebook on their phones for a couple of days? It was a grim time and no mistake.

But it’s all working again now, even if a survey has shown that a third of O2’s customers are ready to bugger off to another service provider ASAP. The same survey showed that 83% of the O2 gang wanted some form of compensation for the outage, and the object of their ire is ready to give in to this particular demand, with partial refunds, apology vouchers and suchlike.

If you were affected by the outage, read this, which we've pilfered straight from O2’s site

We have now identified all those customers directly affected (those whose devices could not connect on our system) and we and are giving them the equivalent of three days back for the disruption as a gesture of goodwill and to say sorry.

• Pay Monthly customers will receive 10% off their July subscription which will be applied on their September bill, which is equivalent to 3 days back

• Pay & Go customers will receive 10% extra on their first top-up in September

To thank all our customers for supporting us through an unprecedented and difficult period, we are also giving everyone on O2 a £10 O2 voucher to spend in store. This will be redeemable via the O2 Priority Moments app or online at www.o2.co.uk/priority. It will be available between 1st and 30th September to download through Priority Moments and use in store, with no minimum spend. (One voucher can be used per transaction and no change given.)

We will contact all O2 consumer customers and those small businesses with fewer than 10 connections by the end of the day on Friday 27th July giving full details. This will be by text message. Other business customers will receive communications through their account managers or our channel partners in the coming days giving full details.

So there you go. If you’re one of the affected customers, is THIS enough to keep you with O2? Tell us – assuming that you’ve been able to connect to the internet and read this, that is…

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  • Alexis
    There's was some stupid stupid woman on the BBC who was almost in tears because she 'couldn't' contact her husband and somehow came to the conclusion he could be dead.
  • Luke
    nice to know, i wasn't planning on leaving them over a few hours loss of signal anyway though..first time i've had no signal in over 9 years so i'm not going to kick off too much about it
  • lee
    Didn't notice any difference from the usual shit reception
  • EvilDave
    GiffGaff, on the other hand, who use O2, have offered their customer 10% on top-ups. That is all.
  • Me
    Ok, change your network, the new one will crash, change again, and so on and so on. We live in the electronic world, live with it.
  • Mr. P.
    A £10 voucher to use in the O2 store where everything is more expensive anyway? Nah.
  • Willywonka`s O.
    What about Tesco customers.....? who piggyback off o2...
  • Businessman
    I had a freebie today off O2 "priority shite moments" - normally I ignore their stupid shit about hooking plastic ducks when you pre-pay another 10 and all that. But ALERT the priority moments is actually worth bothering with. I was on Waterloo station, got the code sent to me for a free baguette and drink. Fuck me but the Upper Crust guy actually gave it to me I was expecting an argument. Free sandwich and drink. That's about six quid worth.You are supposed to have fizzy coke but no problem to swap for a coffee. Anyway, class act O2.
  • Gav
    I wouldn't touch O2 with a bargepole anyway. Bunch of useless lying cunts, that is of course when you can understand what the fuck they saying.

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