Newspaper layout fail...

Taken from today's Metro newspaper. Paul McKenna is not suspected of any crimes...


Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Nerys Evans


  • Mike U.
    Very poor taste by the Metro
  • PaulH
    Ah I was reading this on my way into Manchester today and it never dawned on me - I was more concerned with the story at the top about the girl who got knifed to death
  • Nobby
    :-D > Paul McKenna is not suspected of any crimes… That's only 'cos you looked into his eyes.
  • Pedant
    Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around my eyes, look into my eyes, you're under.
  • Q
    I can sympathise. i work for a newspaper and we once had an article about a gay marriage. The ad on that page was about a charity boat race with the heading "Hello Sailor!"
  • numptyj
    tube staff to vote to strike what bastards
  • Jase
    lmao at Q's example. Bad taste on the look of things, but it's likely the advert (or story) were thrown it rather hastily and no-one checked its context against the other items on the happens.
  • Nobby
    In fact, the placement is really bad. It was placed so that it was covering the end of the headline: It should have read "Tube staff vote to strike ... elderly men"
  • Q
    Here, at least, editorial and advertising are pretty much independent animals so this could be easily overlooked. Could also be due to last minute advertising, or any other multitude of reasons...
  • Nobby
    I would imagine the advert was planned first, and the news story (the court case) happened.
  • E
    Yeah, I think we got that it is an easy mistake to make (and don't care). Laugh a little!
  • Anne
    I interviewed a Holocaust survivor for a first-person piece. At one point, an advert for the film Sweeney Todd - about a serial killer - appeared on the online piece. Not good.

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