New Apple Macbook Messes up KeyMoard

23 October 2008

To "B" or not to "B"; that is the question.

And Apple doesn't seem to have the right answer.

The latest MacBook is streamlined and sleek, and the keyboard is aligned in a perfect brick layer pattern. Well, it would be perfect.... if this Macbook wasn't missing the letter "B" on the keyboard!
(Photo courtesy of tech blog, Engadget.)

This huge mistake on behalf of the Apple corporation may cause some consumers to question their competence. How did this thing make it out of the design room, onto the assembly line, and out the door without someone noticing? With all the extra pounds you have to shell out to own a Mac, shouldn't there be someone awake at the wheel?

While everyone makes mistakes, and a "B-less" MacBook might be the new "Airror", but it might not be so funny from a consumer watchdog perspective.



  • Tally
    You think thats bad? Check this out: Double 8's :)
  • GUS
    Always thought that apple computers are overrated and overpriced anyway...
  • Mr L.
    Two letter M as well... Is this genuine?
  • Tally
    This shit happens. I could very easily be a photoshop? :)
  • Gordon
    Rubbish... it's a bit early for an April's fool Bitter Wallet or you fell for someones Joke image, the real thing here:
  • Paul N.
    It's just one laptop Gordon not all of them :) Someone at the factory made a mistake and put on an M key instead of a B
  • ROMA
    Hi there! Great idea, but might this really work?

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