NatWest site shows how upset customers are by computer crash...

21 June 2012

Bitterwallet - Natwest FAIL NatWest are having a spot of bother with their computers at the moment – as they say on their website…

We are currently experiencing some technical issues which means that account balances have not been updated, and are still showing a balance from yesterday. Some services are also unavailable online.

We are working hard to fix this issue as soon as possible and will keep you updated on progress. We are experiencing very high call volumes as a result.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

If you’re wondering what their customers think about all this, the website also has a special area on the bottom of the homepage, which shows you the ‘conversations’ that they have with the NatWest in their ‘Ideas Bank’ section.

Our favourites from the past half an hour or so include…

"What a joke! i have a 9month old baby to feed and look after! This is terrible and i will be closing my account asoon as i get my money!"

"im starving could not buy my usual fruit, cereal bar or hot chocolate, lunch times gone and i havent eaten :( i feel like a bully has robbed me of my lunch money !! NATWEST really do need to issue some sort of incentive."

"made to feel like a criminal when unable to withdraw cash this morning to pay for petrol. Had to leave car at petrol station and walk 2 miles to borrow £ from a friend. Think compensation should be paid for distress/hardship to customers - fat chance"

Are you a disgruntled NatWest customer? Why not get online and tell them all about it!

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  • Tommy c.
    My wages r not in the bank Wat a f.... Joke get it sorted fast people need money to eat ok for you fat wallet bankers
  • Tommy c.
    This is a joke let people no wen this bollox is gonna get sorted this economy is going down hill fast with you fat wallet bankers joke shop
  • Shelley
    Good old Nastywest!!! when they make a mistake nothing but when you do here come the charges!!!
  • Abbie N.
    My wheelchair-bound, mentally handicapped, blind son has just died in a horrific combine harvester accident as a direct result of Natwest's inability to update my account balance from yesterday. I shall be closing my account just as soon as I clear my overdraft and improve my credit rating.
  • Tommy c.
    Bout time you compensated your loyal customers if we're late we get charged Wat you gonna do about us just jog on for us about well I urge people to demand compensation we deserve it
  • Tommy c.
    And your a sick woman saying your son died weirdo you deserve nowt lowlife
  • mark p.
    I banked sum cash today not knowing about what happened then tryed to pay for some items for my business both at a shop and then online and was refused cos they said I had no funds in my account I pay these natwest a**holes 25 quid a month in f**,kin business bank charges and this is the service I get I strongly urge everyone effected by this to complain to the financial ombudsman cos natwest customer service and customer charter is a load of s**t
  • nastywesty
    Tommy Cheevers, Abbie Nashonul, fuck off to wonga, don`t want your sort at our bank, fingers in the ear nana nana nana stylee, geddit were not listening customers...not now, not ever, now wheres that casino, I have someones savings to spend
  • Matt
    As above...
  • Tom
    Mark Perry, you don't have a business.
  • Fran
    annoyed that I can't pay any bills etc, unhappy landlord right now!
  • Tommy c.
    Bout time just been to the bank and my wages r there thank god but I'm f...cked off lost a days pay from work today hope there gonna compensate there customers I had 5 pound over my overdraft and the cheeky ba......ds took it and charged me 13 pound for late payment there not getting away with this I just lost me mum and dad don't need this stress an apology would b nice or pay me my days pay I lost sorting your mess out hope people get sorted out for your mess don't let this shit happen again or you won't have no bank or customers
  • Sophie W.
    I went to a Natwest branch today as my wages had not gone in, the staff were very apologetic and extremely helpful. They let me take my wages out and also mentioned that they were staying open until 7pm to help customers who couldn't make it before 5. I don't see what the huge fuss is about, people act like its the end off the world because there systems wer down for a day! @tommy cheevers - Natwest don't charge at all for anything under £6 overdrawn, and there are no £13 charges, all charges are a standard £6.
  • Shaniaa
    Tommy Cheever, u sound hot, wanna hook up fr a booty call?!??
  • Can y.
    I heard it had something to do with foxes...
  • paul
    This is a wake up call for me, I will not put every penny in my account from now on. I'm going to keep 50pounds back. Computers are brilliant! Until that fail. I like natwest bank and I think that are helpful..x
  • Tommy c.
    Yea you sound hot to send your number we meet for your booty call x
  • paul
    OMG Thay have crashed again!
  • Tommy c.
    Natwest are helpfully Paul but this should not happen in this day and age hope you get sorted pal natwest we love you thanks for all your help x
  • paul
    Good job my girl friends with HSBC,looks like she,s paying for our weekend, Now that's what I call Helpful lolx
  • paul
    Oh sorry babe,I would have paid lol
  • klingelton
    I hope that Tommy Cheevers is a joke, because that boy writes that a retard! honestly mate, that grammar is better placed in a Gumtree ad.
  • Tommy
    Ok pal sort your bottom lip out not my fault your a prick with no money get a life
  • Angus
    I want to know how NatWest are able to take money out of my account (an evening purchase by card) but are not able to credit the cash I put into the same account much earlier in the day? Smacks of something very fishy to me. This is screwing my business up.
  • paul
    That's a very good point! Thay must use the same computer for paying in
  • nastywesty
    fuck off customers
  • john
    People are so melodramatic. Natwest is allowing people to withdraw up to 250 over the counter and ATMs are available showing balances prior to the computer crash. So if you had money on your account before its still there! So nobody can claim that they have starved due to the crash. They are just lazy couch potatoes who can't be bothered make a trip the the bank. You know the way people used to get their cash! My experience has been that NatWest has been very apologetic. I do however feel sorry for other bank customers who have not received their salary. I hope their banks make allowances as this is not their fault.
  • nastywesty
    John , thanks for saying as it is, lazy fucking customers....probaly dolies
  • Raging A.
    I hear Nat West Waterlooville tried to kill one of their customers this morning by dropping a marble Nat West sign on their head from a great height. If you are going in to withdraw a generous £250 (that wouldn't even buy lunch!) watch out that they don't try and take you out for good!
  • paul
    I paid in 350 cash on Tuesday 19 June, I was at the bank again yesterday trying to withdraw 50. I was told that my money is safe but because it has not updated on the system. I can not make a withdrawal. And I showed her my paying in book...
  • Tommy
    Some people chat shit come on there trying there best give the staff a break it's not the staffs fault big shout out to all the sexy birds who work at natwest thank you for not saying fuckoff close the door your getting jack x
  • Will T.
    Well thanks to you guys we cant complete are house purchase today, we now are incurring fees again for storage, removals, fuel, not to mention we have no place to live and have 1yr baby to look after. Both cars are fully loaded, the removals have a van full - So what are we going to get for this hassle - because and apology on a website doesn't cut it. If anyone with some leagl know how, can advise that would be great - as we are going to get stung for hundreds, not to mention what may happen with the house sale.
  • Tommy
    Take your car to the nearest cliff pal empty your belongings and jump
  • paul
    Will Reece- I feel sorry for you,that must be really bad.. You can complain about banks to the(financial omnibusman service,But It's very time consuming..
  • paul
    If thats not helpful you could always take Tommy,s advice..
  • janet w.
    bloody ridiculas,its ok saying lazy people moaning as they have to go to the bank in person!! some of us CANT DUE TO BEING DISABLED so think in the bigger picture ,ive been left with £25 to last me all over the weekend as i cant get to my pensions due to this incompetant fucking useless bank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • paul
    Not happy then?
  • paul
    Update from BBC News/ RE: NATWEST /RBS.. Computer problems are set to continue over the weekend and into next week!. I may just go back to the old days and store my money under my bed...x
  • Tommy c.
    Incidentally I'm currently studying for a Masters degree in pure mathematics and statistical theory for applied econometric models. so i nose wat i is talking bout.
  • judy
    Was expecting 2 weeks wages today. Anyone know when this glitch is going to be sorted yet. Hungry!
  • Tony B.
    Tommy cheever your such a Dick head, why don't you go and stick your head in the oven.
  • paul
    Hi Judy, sometime next week...
  • sarah
    I am a midwife who works nights so I can't go to the local branch as I'm usually in bed when they are open. I went on online banking this morning and my wages aren't there so I did make the trip to go to my local bank where there were about 50 people queuing waiting for it to open. Talking to them they had all had similar issues so I knew it must be something big. There was a handwritten sign in the window saying their computers had crashed nationwide and so wages hadn't been paid in. I went home at this point, didn't see the point of waiting once I knew that. I have been waiting for pay day in order to do my weekly shop (we are a family of 4) and all my direct debits start coming out on the 24th. I am worried all my direct debits are going to be declined. I am sure there are thousands of us in similar situations (what a nightmare for you in particular will teece) and I really hope those of us who end up with late charges etc will be compensated. I won't hold my breath though, these situations never go in favour of the underdog! Good luck to everyone whose life has been inconvenienced at any level by this nightmare!!
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    Dear Natwest, Yesterday I deposited the sum of 50 squillon, bajillion pounds in your bank. You can ask my mate Tommy, he saw me do it and he once got asked the time by a policeman, so you can trust him. Unfortunately, it's not currently showing in my balance. May I please withdraw it over the counter? Your Faithfully Rev Jethro Q Walrustitty (Mrs)
  • judy
    Thanks Paul.
  • Jones
    We do not bank with Natwest but the company my husband works for does and he should have been paid yesterday but still hasn't been! Not only do we have bills coming out by DD that have rejected and need to buy food but we also can't pay our childminder until the wages go in and so now she is also in a similar position to us as a result Natwest's system crashing!
  • paul
    The Chairman of natwest is: Sir Philip Hampton. Head office address: po box 1000,gogarburn,Edinburgh eh12 1hq. Basic salary 1,450,000 pounds a year. + bonus share options 3,000,000 a year. I may just drop him a line!!!
  • Brian P.
    This incident highlights how desperately close to the edge people tread each week of their lives, with only just enough money to pay the bills and nothing to fall back on. "No-one will be left out of pocket" say NatWest. We shall see.
  • lee
    All my moneys in one place- current acc/ saving acc/ and Isa. So I can't get any money from natwest. I'm going to move my saving account
  • Alan
    T have been sending money online to a close friend of mine who is currently unemployed.He rang me today for money to get home from telford to north wales.As I am unable to transfer money to him he currenly stuck in Telford until the problem is sorted
  • Alan
    What can I do
  • tony a.
    Have a wank
  • Sam
    It a joke u think ya money is safe and u can get it when u like????? My account is getting shut down!!!!!!
  • james c.
    Disgusted Behaviour By Natwest and RBS, Branches Opening Saturday and Sunday.. Not Likely, I've been to 5 Branches and All Have Been Shut.. Changing banks to a reliable system, as IT'S NOT A GLITCH, Some Idiot cut the Cable by the Olympic Stadium.. FACT, I'm Hoping the Big Cats DON'T GET THERE BONUS THIS YEAR...
  • Monkey T.
    It's great that some people seem to think that this is the best forum to register their annoyance and that NatWest is monitoring Bitterwallet comments 24 hours a day instead of fixing what is obviously a technical error that they clearly would like to resolve as soon as possible. Also, any chance that once you get your cash you could spend some of it on a Key Stage 2 or similar book on grammar?
  • james b.
    Bankers are gluttonous, money-grubbing third-rate crooks and sad, pathetic spivs. If there was a profit in it they'd sell both their kidneys. They're liars and hifamites. Get it?
  • Banker ;.
    All this moaning over a free service, stick it under your mattress, your choice...

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