Microsoft - still doing what they do best...

21 June 2012

Here’s Micorosoft’s new Surface tablet, as confidently demonstrated by erm, oh we don’t know, some bloke. We only recognise Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and they’re both dead now.

Watch out as he demonstrates how the Windows-powered device follows in the tradition of so many other Windows-based products in the past… by freezing.

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  • Tweedskin
    Software isn't finished so to be expected really. It's a shame. I hate Apple, but when they launch a new product, it's finished, available for preorder usually there and then, and has a clear cut release date. Microsoft's announcement was seriously lacking in those departments....
  • Paul
    "We only recognise Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and they’re both dead now." I'm pretty sure BIll Gates isn't dead.
  • g
    expect this to be trumped almost instantly by apple when it comes out. look at voice control: microsoft though that kinect was the shit, then apple revealed siri
  • lumoruk
    Bill Gates is dead!!?? you heard it here first.
  • Carl
    Apple may have released Siri, but other than a five minute play when you first get an apple device, does anyone actually use Siri? "I'm sorry, I can only give you details of business in the US and when you're using US English". Thanks Siri, that's helpful. At least you can play the next music track for me. They even showcase bits on a UK advert that don't work in the UK.
  • Tom's H.
    Micorosoft? You're on a roll here today aren't you Andy? Who are they then? Microsoft's ugly Singaporian cousin?
  • Tom's H.
    Sorry, just had to add this last bit. A seemingly professional writer (do you have a day job outside of the site Andy?) not only lacks the ability to spell or proofread, but also enjoys posting false information. How did you ever get a job working for a "classy" place like this? Lies on the CV?
  • Tom's H.
    I lol'd
  • Jack T.
    Bill Gates will be dead at some point in the future so BW will eventually get something right. However, those of us reading this may be dead by then too so we won't get to see it happen.
  • great s. the bill gates thing is a gag...
  • Tom's H.
    Yeah, that's the great thing about sarcasm. Unless you're joing about something to someone's face, you actually need to express the fact that you were joking if you're typing words on a screen. As far as I (and presumably a lot of other people reading that article) can tell, Andy was being serious.
  • Tom's H.
    *joking sorry
  • Tom's H.
    See Andy, I apologise for my spelling gaffs and I'm not a professional writer. FOR SHAME!
  • zeddy
    @Tom's Dick in Harry: you've no need. Just fuck off and don't bring your sorry ass back...
  • Raging A.
    Once again, BW masterful use of sarcastic humour is just too subtle for some... Perhaps there should be qualifying questions before allowing these dingbats access to post comments..? Dingbats; not said that for years... :-)
  • Dingbat
    WTF Raging Angel ? That's hurtful man.
  • jim
    @Tom’s Dick in Harry stop typing, you're only making it worse.
  • coinop
    @Raging Angel, thank you for beautifully articulating what I was thinking.

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