Market stall unveil fail...

Avid Bitterwallet reader Steve Mordey was recently looking forward to the opening of a brand new stall on an unused pitch at Leeds Market. But when he turned up on the big day…

leeds stall


  • Gadget f.
    It would have been funny if he had written an "I" between the words "to" and "let", then it would have read "toilet opening closed due to bullshit"! Well, it would have made me laugh! Yes, i'll go back to school.
  • Ian
    It says "cancelled", not "closed". Cocknose.
  • Gadget f.
    Thanks Ian, obviously a typing error on my part. I assume you were being overly anal so that I could use the word "anal" in the context of a toilet joke, and not because you are a twat.
  • Bullet
    Ha Ha Ians a TWAT
  • Grammar P.
    @Bullet - pull over Bullet
  • Grammar P.
    Or should that be "Pull over, Bullet" God, I'm terrified now.
  • Grammar P.
    Shit, I forgot the question mark! Oh, Jesus!
  • Grammar F.
    Or should that be “Pull over, Bullet” God, I’m terrified now. Your fullstop in the first sentence is where, exactly?
  • Nobby
    I wouldn't have thought pullovers or any other types of jumper would sell very well now winter is over.
  • Grammar P.
    Or the space between full and stop, for that matter. Thanks to Nobby for bringing some very welcome relief to a somewhat painful exchange. Admittedly, initiated by me.

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