Man tries - and fails - to make giant Kinder Egg

Have you ever seen the wonderful, giant creations made over at Pimp That Snack? Clever cooks get small food and make giant versions and it's altogether brilliant. Massive Mars Bars and huge Creme Eggs abound.

However, what happens if you're useless and get it wrong?

One chap tried to make his girlfriend a giant Kinder Egg for her birthday, but alas, he ballsed it up and, mercifully, it ended up online for everyone's amusement.

The creator posted a step-by-step guide on how to make a giant Kinder Egg, and each attempt went dreadfully wrong


He wrote: "My girlfriend loves Kinder surprises, well I think she does, so for her birthday I was going to make a giant one." However, what he ended up with was a gloopy blob after he buggered the mould up and everything collapsed.

The resulting mess was wrapped in tinfoil and presented in all its glorious uselessness.


There's more images over at The Metro.





  • Dick
    It still got him want he wants - viewers.
  • WhatTheHell
    I don't know why, but this is hilarious. "happy birthday, here's a giant kinder egg in the shape of a dogpoo"

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